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Patética Fonética 2.13. Palatalization
Patetica Fonetica
Fecha: 19/04/2010
Have you ever noticed how "this year" is sometimes pronounced "thiSH year"? Ever wondered why that happens? The answer is in this brand new podcast.

[↓] Patetica Fonetica 2_13.mp3

Patética Fonética 2.12. Homophones
Patetica Fonetica
Fecha: 29/03/2010
Every language has words that sound the same. For the most part, Spanish words such as "callado" and "cayado" sound the same. The old LL-sound is all but extinct now. "Hola" and "ola" offer a more typical example of the same phenomenon. In English there are countless homophones. We should be aware of them so that we do not try and make nonexistent differences.

[↓] Patetica Fonetica 2_12.mp3

Patética Fonética 2.11. Things that are not pronounced. Part 2
Patetica Fonetica
Fecha: 22/03/2010
In this second part we discuss three reasons for not pronouncing everything.

[↓] Patetica Fonetica 2_11.mp3

Patética Fonética 2.10. Things that are not pronounced. Part 1
Patetica Fonetica
Fecha: 15/03/2010
Some students are obsessed with pronouncing everything they see or everything they hear. The truth is English spelling offers plenty of examples of letters that we are NOT supposed to pronounce. There are also many cases in which natural diction calls for some degree of sloppiness.

[↓] Patetica Fonetica 2_10.mp3

Patética Fonética 2.9 Those consonants...
Patetica Fonetica
Fecha: 17/02/2010
English is full of consonants. This presents something of a challenge to those native speakers of Spanish who, in their own mother tongue, find it difficult to pronounce terms as innocent as "monstruo", "taxi" or "alumna".

[↓] Patetica Fonetica 2_9.mp3

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